How to Compare Motor Insurance Quotes

motor insurance quoteHaving a car can be a great investment and being so, you must protect it. Anything could happen and there’s nothing you can do about it, except, of course, being ready. Getting a motor insurance quote is the best way to prepare yourself for any eventualities. There are various companies that offer you great cover for a given quote, but how well-informed are you on this topic? Keep reading and find out.


Different Covers of Car Insurance

When you’re getting quote for a car insurance, chances are a clerk will ask you the level of cover you’re looking for. There are three main levels: third party only, third party, fire and theft, and comprehensive.

Third party only is the lowest level of cover. It only covers any damage you cause to other people or to their property, including passengers (if any), as in a car accident. It won’t cover damages on your car or replacement of it.

Third Party, fire and theft offers you the same as the foretold, but also spare parts or full replacement in case of theft or fire.

Comprehensive is the highest level of insurance, for it covers you, your car as well as others and their property. It’s highly recommended that if it is within your possibilities, you get a comprehensive car insurance.

Types of Car insurance

Summed up to the level or coverage, another factor that will make a substantial difference in the quote of your car insurance is the type of insurance you get. There are six types of insurance:

  • Temporary: It covers your car for up to 28 days. This can be useful if you’re renting a car.
  • Multi-car: This type of insurance is a little bit more expensive but it covers all of the cars registered at your address, with a discount per car.
  • Learner: This type offers basic cover to anyone learning to drive in their own, or a friend’s, or even a driving school’s car. It’s a good precaution to have one of these because while learning, well, things can happen.
  • Classic car: This type is thought especially for those cars older than 15 years.
  • Black box/telematic: This type of insurance is becoming increasingly popular amongst those who can afford it. It keeps a driving record with various stats, such as speed, handling and braking. Companies analyze this data and offer you a personalized quote based on your numbers.
  • Business: As its name says, a type of insurance that covers vehicles used by companies.

Insurance car quotes vary from one company to another, as they can be more or less affordable according to the type of insurance and the cover they offer.